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We answer the most frequently asked questions related to important details and aplications of solar panels and equipment.

How do photovoltaic solar panels work?

Photovoltaic solar panels convert the energy of the sun into direct current and this energy is transformed into electricity into alternating current through the use of a solar current inverter, this energy from the inverter can be used in your appliances or sell it directly to CFE or a third party in Mexico.

What is a solar cell made out of?

Photovoltaic cells are devices formed by semiconductor plates sensitive to light that release electrons when photons impinge on them, converting light energy into electrical energy. A combination of several cells forms a solar panel or photovoltaic module.

What is the cost of photovoltaic solar panels?

Solar panels or photovoltaic systems are designed according to the need for energy that your house or business requires, according to this design your entire project is quoted and the price may vary according to factors such as; difficulty of installation and brands of the selected product.

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If the power goes out, do I still have a power supply?

Grid interactive solar pv systems do not operate when there is a power failure, for this it is necessary to install a battery bank in conjunction with your solar panels. Backup battery banks tend to be expensive and require frequent maintenance, so it is important to thoroughly evaluate your needs before purchasing one.

What is an off grid solar panel system?

The systems of photovoltaic solar panels are divided into 2 groups; grid interactive and off grid.

Grid interactive systems work in parallel with CFE, they inject energy into the public electricity grid and the amount of energy injected is deducted from your monthly billing. At the time of a power failure these systems protect themselves and stop operating completely to avoid putting CFE technicians who may be maintaining the lines at risk.

On the other hand, off grid solar pv systems are those that operate with batteries and as the name implies, are isolated from the CFE network, these systems are usually installed in remote areas without access to the power grid.

Do solar panels continue to produce energy on cloudy days?

The amount of energy that your solar panel system can generate depends on the sunlight or solar radiation that falls on them. As a result, on cloudy days your solar panels will produce less energy but will continue to work.

What is the life cycle of a photovoltaic solar panel?

In general, solar panels are very durable and able to withstand snow, wind and hail. In some very extreme cases some of the various components of your solar energy system may need to be replaced, but your system should continue to generate energy for 25 to 35 years.

What are the types of solar panels?

There is a wide range of types of panels that continues to grow year after year thanks to new technologies that are still being developed but most of the solar panels that are installed today are made of crystalline silicon and thin film.

What is a grid interactive solar system?

A grid interactive or grid tied solar pv system operates in parallel with the CFE network, they inject energy into the public electricity grid and the amount of energy injected is deducted from your monthly billing.

What is an off grid solar panel system?

Unlike a grid tied system, off grid solar panels inject the energy generated to a battery bank and then be used by the user by means of an inverter, these systems are less efficient and more expensive than grid tied systems. It is recommended to use this type of systems strictly where you do not have the infrastructure of the national electricity network as are ranches or islands.

Is it better to put a solar battery bank or connect to the CFE network?

In places where there is connection to CFE, it is much more cost effective to install an grid tied system because the batteries and the equipment they utilize are significantly more expensive and require a lot of maintenance.

How many appliances can be used with 1 solar panel?

A commercial solar panel has an average production of 1.2 kilowatt-hours per day, the equivalent of using a 40-inch television for 5 hours.

Will I still receive a CFE electricity bill if I have solar panels?

Unless your solar energy system includes energy storage and you are totally disconnected from the network, you will still receive a CFE electricity bill. However, you can drastically reduce your bill by up to 98% with a traditional grid tied solar system.

Do solar panels need maintenance?

No maintenance is needed, however it is recommended to clean them with soap and water 2 to 3 times a year depending on the level of dust or pollutants that are generated in your city.

Am I a candidate to install solar panels in my home or business?

Any person or process that uses electric power can benefit from installing an electrification system through the use of photovoltaic solar panels.

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Is my roof suitable for photovoltaic solar panels?

The south-facing roofs with little or no shadow and sufficient space are ideal for the installation of solar panels. Contact one of our sales representatives to explore the different options and benefits that we can offer you: Quote

What is needed to install solar panels?

First of all you need a lot of economic and environmental vision to understand why solar panels are the best investments you can make. Contact one of our sales representatives to explore the different options and benefits we have for you: Quote

How many solar panels do you need an "average" house in Mexico?

There is no such a thing as an “average house”, it all depends on the energy consumption patterns of each family or company, contact one of our sales representatives to explore the different options and benefits we have for you: Quote

What are the payment or financing plans they use to buy solar panels?

We have different competitive options to finance your project of photovoltaic solar panels and solar heaters.

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Is any special maintenance required to prevent deterioration by Popocatépetl volcanic ash in Puebla?

It really would not be any special maintenance, only cleaning should be as frequent as possible to prevent a thick layer of ash and the performance of your solar panels from being affected.

Can I purchase separate panels to install later or for replacement?

That's right, if you need a quote or advice, you can contact one of our advisors who will gladly answer your call.

How long does it take to install the solar panels including the interconnection with CFE?

Depending on the size of the project and the installation conditions, an average residential project is completed within 1 to 2 weeks maximum including the change of CFE meter.

Does the interconnection application with CFE have any cost? I have heard that the CFE puts many obstacles to install solar panels.

It is totally free and CFE is really supporting this type of projects due to the new energy reform.

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