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Save money with solar energy

Savings on your CFE bill and the benefits of investing on solar panels in Mexico

Here we have a list of reasons why it makes a lot of sense to install solar panels in Mexico, solar power has a huge potential to change the world as we know it, we highly recommend you install our solar power systems for your home or business in Mexico:

  • #1 The price for electricity in Mexico keeps rising

    Electricity in Mexico rises in price between 6 and 9% annually, this goes hand in hand with the price of fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas.

    Energy rate evolution in Mexico
    Illustration 1. Energy tariffs in Mexico across the board increase an average of 6% annually

  • #2 Residential users in Mexico are subject to price hikes and surcharges bringing up the price of their energy threefold

    Residential power users represent almost 90% of the clients for CFE and generate about 23% of their revenue, these users can be fined and have their government subsidy eliminated from their account if they consume more energy than CFE's allows them to.

    By generating your own electricity, you can freeze the price of power and enjoy immediate savings on your electricity billing in Mexico for the lifetime of your solar panels (25 years minimum).

    Residential energy rate evolution in Mexico
    Illustration 2. CFE fines residential users that consume too much energy changing their rate to "tarifa DAC", this rate is 3 times more expensive than the regular residential rate "tarifa 01", if your house is paying this rate you are effectively paying the most expensive rate for energy in the American continent.

    Solar Panel Power
    Illustration 3. This is a residential CFE electricity bill and it shows the effectiveness of our solar technology, as you can see after installing the solar panel system the bill goes down to only paying the mandated minimum charge of MXP $ 57.00, and the subsidy or "aportacion gubernamental" has been reinstated on that service account.

  • # 3 Solar in Mexico is one of the safest and profitable investments, it gives you a better return than investing in the stock market or gold. Solar panels also increment the value of the property where they are installed

    Based on the consistent drop in solar panel prices and rise in electricity prices our clients can attain full return on investment terms based on this table:

    Applicable CFE Tariff Break-Even point Price per unit of kWh
    Rate 01 (Domestic) 9 to 10 years 1.18 pesos
    DAC Fee (Domestic) 4 to 5 years 3.27 pesos
    Rate 02 (Low Voltage) 5 to 6 years 2.79 pesos
    OM Rate (MV) 7 to 9 years 1.73 pesos
    HM Rate (MV) 7 to 9 years 1.25 pesos

    Illutration 4. Statistical information base on an official report by Sistema de Informacion Energetica with information from CFE: Precios medios de energía eléctrica por tarifa 2016. This financial estimation does not include additional fiscal benefits applicable to the purchase of solar panel technology.

    Invesment return on solar energy systems
    Illustration 5. This ROI sample analysis was calculated for one of our residential clients in the rate "DAC" or "Tarifa DAC". The graph shows an expected full return on the investment or breakeven point much sooner than the end of the lifetime of the solar panel system expected at 25 years, generating income to its users after only 3 years.

  • #4 There are available fiscal and government subsidies for the implementation of green technologies in Mexico for both residential and commercial users

    When your company invests in solar panel technology they will be able to depreciate 100% of the investment on the first fiscal year when the investment was made:

    De acuerdo a la Ley del ISR Artículo 32 fracción XXVI, es posible deducir el 100% de tu inversión inicial en un solo ejercicio fiscal beneficiando al contribuyente con hasta un 30% de ahorro en su compra de un sistema solar

    "Ley del ISR. Artículo 34.Fracc.XIII.100% para maquinaria y equipo para la generación de energía proveniente de fuentes renovables o de sistemas de cogeneración de electricidad eficiente."

  • #5 For generating electric power in places "off the grid" it is much cheaper now to generate power onsite with solar panels than to utilize a diesel generator.

    Cost comparison between solar PV off grid system & off grid diesel generator

    Solar energy generator

    (Cost in USD, price per liter of diesel of MXP $1.2)

  • #6 Environmental benefits: By generating your own energy through the use of solar panels you will mitigate the emission of CO2 to our atmosphere.

    Most of the energy supplied to our homes and business by CFE in Mexico is produced by burning fossil fuels, which generate emissions that accelerate climate change.

    Celdas Solares

    1 solar panel eliminates the emission of 1.7 grams of CO2 to our atmosphere daily.

  • #7 By mitigating emissions to our atmosphere you will be able to capitalize the C02 accumulated or saved and sell it as a "carbon credit" to other companies by the newly established carbon market in Mexico.

    For example, in Tokio you can sell a carbon credit of 1 ton of C02 for around USD $ 36.00 while in other places like Chine the cost for 1 ton is 2 dollars.

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