Gecko Logic Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters in Guaymas

Take advantage of the sun and lower your energy bill!

With Gecko Logic's technology you can join the millions of people that are saving money every day with solar energy.

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Solar Boiler

Swimming pool solar collectors in Guaymas

Enjoy warm water in your swimming pool without paying excessive power bills!

Gecko Logic offers the most efficient technology for swimming pool heating. Our solar collectors will save you money every day!

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Solar Swimming Pool Heater

Solar hot water heaters and solar collectors for swimming pools in Guaymas

Forget about paying excessive power bills for heating your water, now it is possible to maintain it at your desired temperature utilizing a solar collector. Our solar collector or solar boilers are very efficient and have a 10 year workmanship warranty.

At Gecko Logic we carry an array of solar products of the best quality and efficiency aimed at reducing your consumption of propane and electricity.

Benefits of using our solar products in Guaymas

In Guaymas like in all Mexico people are affected by the frequent increments on electricity and propane gas prices which are the most common ways of heating water.

Gecko Logic offers the best products to save you energy and help the environment; our solar hot water heaters or solar boilers will take advantage of the free sun and save you thousands of dollars through their lifetime.

Save propane gas with our solar boilers in Guaymas

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Solar Water Heater

Heat your swimming pool with our solar collectors

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Solar Swimming Pool Heater

Did you know you can utilize our solar water heaters in Guaymas?

Our solar water heating system is very simple and effective, and allows you to lower or completely eliminate your power bills by using the power of the sun to heat the water. The use of solar energy is beneficial for the environment and also your finances.

You can now heat your swimming pool with solar energy!

Gecko Logic offers a wide selection of products and services including solar thermal collectors to heat your swimming pool or jacuzzi water. These systems will allow you to keep the desired temperature regardless of the climatic conditions or low solar irradiation.

How does the solar boiler works?

A solar hot water heater operates like a heat sink, capturing all the heat the sun emits on its surface and inside structure which generates a greenhouse effect within it, later transferring all the captured heat to your home's water.

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How do swimming pool solar collectors work?

Solar collectors for pools operate by transferring heat from the sun into the pool's water which is recirculated through a series of panels constructed our of polyethylene that are exposed to the sun.

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