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Rural electrification and mini grids in Mexico

Currently in the Mexican Republic there are about 5 million people without access to CFE’s electricity grid, 80,000 of those are settled in remote communities that are too far away to interconnect to the national grid system.

Some of the problems with rural electrification are the great distances between communities, lack of infrastructure, high dispersion of population, difficult terrain, rising cost of electricity infrastructure and low consumer affordability.

Some of the readily available solutions to reach these far human settlements are:

  • Extensions from the main electricity grid
  • Diesel generators
  • Use of renewable energy power generators

Here at Gecko Logic we offer the solution for rural electrification through the use of solar panels; we also serve the telecommunications, agriculture and housing sectors.

Our solutions are designed to suit your specific needs and are applicable in various electrical distribution schemes such as mini grids and combinations with diesel generators or wind turbines. We also offer solutions for pumping water from wells or rivers utilizing DC pumps and solar panels designed for this specific use.

Off grid electricity generators. Using diesel or solar energy?

Solar power generators are cutting edge technology. The cost of these solar generators has decreased considerably in the last years, and now are able to replace diesel generators altogether. If you have a diesel generator or are planning to buy one, we recommend you take some time to compare the advantages of solar generators over diesel generators before making a decision.

Solar energy is free for life, although it has a higher initial cost. This is a one-time expense, and may seem overwhelming at first. However, when combined with the long service life of 20 years of solar generators, solar energy is actually cheaper than conventional electricity sources.

Electricity generators that consume diesel have been in use for a long time, and have long been the only way to generate electricity when isolated from the power supply of CFE. Diesel generators require fuel, and this also has to be transported to the location. The cost of fuel is rising and the cost of transportation makes it much more costly and inconvenient. Diesel generators are an expensive way to produce electricity, and the price of fuel continues to rise. This makes solar generators are a viable option for the production of electricity instead of fossil fuel generators option.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy
Advantages of Solar Energy


Solar Energy Prices
(Costs in US dollars, per liter of diesel price $ 1.2)
Solar Cost per Watt
Figure 4. Average cost of kWh (energy ) technology generated over a period of 20 years.

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