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Incentives and financing for solar projects in Mexico

Solar projects incentives

Fiscal incentives: accelerated depreciation

Having a battery bank in your home to store the energy your panels produce during the day is a thing of the past, now you can feed the utility grid in Mexico during the day while your solar panels are generating and utilize the grid’s energy during the night at no cost to you.

There are tax incentives for every buyer of solar panels, according to the ISR Article 32 fractions XXVI, you may deduct 100% of your initial investment in a single fiscal year benefiting the taxpayer up to 30% savings on your purchase of a Solar system.

Carbon market in Mexico: capitalize on the power production of your solar panels

After that dependence and the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) signed an agreement to start up the system pilot emissions trading greenhouse gas (GHG) program, the official said that this year the rules will be set that provide the maximum emission of gases that each industry can generate, thus generating clean energy companies can sell their carbon certificates and capitalize on their investment in solar panels.

Interconnection with CFE Mexico: Net energy metering

You do not need to have a battery bank to produce electricity through solar panels in Mexico, CFE allows you to still acquire energy from their grid when your solar system is not producing.

Now you can install in your home or business your own source of renewable energy or cogeneration system in small or medium scale and perform an interconnection contract or net metering agreement with CFE. For more information about this contact us today.

INFONAVIT hipoteca verde

Is an additional credit Infonavit amount for the right holder may buy a home that has eco-technologies that generate savings in household spending by the decrease in consumption of electricity, water and gas.

FIDE: Financing for small scale solar projects

FIDE seeks to develop a comprehensive culture of saving and efficient use of electricity in Mexican society through dissemination, awareness and education at all levels, offering programs and projects of high quality and innovation, generating economic, social and environmental benefits for the country. Fide CFE.

FIRCO SAGARPA: Economic incentives for solar projects

FIRCO provides support for up to 49% of the total investment to businesses in the agriculture sector in Mexico interested in acquiring renewable energy equipment. To learn more please contact us or visit the official website of FIRCO.

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