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Thermal solar energy: household heaters and big consumers

What is a solar heater or a solar boiler?

Solar heaters use sunlight to heat up water by using empty glass tubes or flat panels, they also have a thermal tank where heated water accumulates using solar irradiation heat transfer.

Solar Water Heater

How does a solar heater or solar boiler work?

By taking advantage of the sun’s heat to warm up water to save you money from the gas bill, this photothermal system can use the sun’s thermal energy for warming up the water that you use in your home or business without using any kind of fossil fuel. The solar heater works in a very simple way and is resistant to the outdoors.

Solar Heater or Solar Boiler Function

The solar or boiler heaters are installed on the roof of the residence or business and can generate up to 80 percent of the hot water used. The tank water heater has enough space to accumulate hot water to be used in cloudy days for up to 72 hours.

Benefits of purchasing a solar heater from Gecko Logic Energia Solar

  • The energy that powers it comes from sunlight
  • You save from using L.P. gas
  • Solar energy is an endless resource
  • Competitive pricing
  • Friendly to the environment, it doesn’t generate any CO2
  • It can be used in: homes, hotels, inns, businesses, factories, swimming pools, etc.
  • During cloudy days, it stores water in a tank water heater, keeping it warm for 72 hours
  • It’s able to provide water at a 149°F temperature on sunny days
  • No risk of explosions
  • Investments in solar heaters are gained back fast, monthly savings for a family of five people are between 26 to 32 dollars on average

How much am I going to save by installing a solar or boiler heater?

LP Gas Price

The cost of LP gas as well as electricity is on the rise, by setting up a solar heater or boiler you will be able to save hundreds of dollars since your gas tank will last longer by needing less fuel to heat up water in your home or business.

At the beginning, it is more expensive to acquire a solar heater than a conventional gas boiler, however the solar heater will use solar energy coming from the sun which is free. With these monthly savings that you get from purchasing LP gas you will be able to gain back the initial investment in approximately 1 to 3 years, depending on how much you use the unit.

Acquiring a solar heater is part of responsible consumption, it helps the environment and avoids the use of fossil fuels.

Thermal solar energy: Solar collectors for big hot water users

In Gecko Logic Energia Solar we offer high-performance solar collectors that can produce heat at temperatures going up to 302 ºF with excellent performance. We can design solutions for big hot water users for an industrial process, for hotels, hospitals, sports centers, water parks, steam generation, etc.

Solar Industrial Water Heater

The thermal solar energy collectors are classified as low, medium and high temperature collectors:

  • Low-temperature collectors (those that reach a maximum of 122 ºF). Used to heat up water, also known as a solar panel collector.
  • medium-temperature collectors (those that reach a maximum of 194 ºF). They’re flat panels used to heat up water or air for use in residences or businesses.
  • High-temperature collectors (those that reach a maximum of 302 ºF), used for electric energy production.

In Gecko Logic, we offer the latest generation of water heaters with better efficiency to save you hundreds of dollars on your monthly gas bill, send us a message through Facebook, our contact section or call us at 664 607 1545.

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