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The advantages of utilizing solar panels to pump water

Electrificación Rural - Bombeo Solar

Currently, the water pumping systems with solar technology are an innovation that allows us to extract and transport this vital liquid in places isolated from the power lines.

Solar energy has proven to be an ideal way to extract water to drink, storage tanks, sanitation, and for irrigation.

Solar or direct current pumps have been around since the 1980’s and have spread around the world ever since.

Solar panels used in these systems generate electrons when sunlight hits them and these electrons are used to form a stream modulated and transmitted after to the motor of the water pump.

The water pumping systems with solar energy are practical on flat land where the sun shines and there is no shade. Water pumps with solar energy can be placed in or along a lagoon, cistern, well or other water source where needed pumping supplying water efficiently.

Pumping water with solar panels reduces waste because it is based on natural cycles. Solar cells give more power in the sunniest days, when more water is needed. Solar energy is clean, you will never worry about contamination of groundwater or air when a diesel generator is used. The solar-powered water system requires little maintenance, since it only has very few moving parts. One of the great advantages is that it has a long life usually 20 to 40 years, plus you we never run out of fuel, as long as the sun is shining.

Some other applications of submersible pumps and solar pumps include:

  • Submersible pump
  • Constant pressure
  • Surface pumps
  • Water treatment
  • Pool
  • Sewage Equipment

Cost simulation of a solar panel pumping system vs. diesel generator

Diesel Generator vs Solar Panels
(Costs in US dollars, per liter of diesel price $ 1.2)

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